Actor Ben Heyman joins the show this week to give Kevin acting lessons to help improve his continually awkward Overseas Famous promos. Ben offers tips on how to be a better voice actor and what Kevin needs to do for recording his audio book. Kevin takes you through the time he auditioned for a movie and him and Cam discuss the recent NCAA changes. All this and more on the season finale of Overseas Famous.

Overseas Famous

A multimedia platform created to give athletes living abroad a chance to share their stories. These stories provide a behind the scenes look at what goes on with overseas sports. Listen to our podcasts, follow our bloggers and enjoy hearing about the little known journey athletes go through when they travel to a foreign land to further their athletic careers.

Kevin Owens

Overseas Famous Podcast Host

Kevin is a veteran overseas professional basketball player. He is an entrepreneur and founder of Overseas Famous LLC, and a fitness enthusiast who has dabbled in triathlons despite having only a small percentage of one working knee left. While he had the name first, he is now the second most popular Kevin Owens in the world.

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