January 28, 2021

5 Coaches In Two Years

5 coaches in 2 years. Boy has it been a roller coaster ride. In the midst of our second lockdown due to Covid, our coach took a head assistant job in Greece for Panathinaikos.

It’s a good step for him being that it’s Euroleague but it leaves us to figure things out here in Israel. With a hot 7-2 start, we sit 3rd place in Winner League. My first year in Israel has been a fun. Moving on from Greece, I had intentions to prove myself. I got adjusted pretty quickly as the up and down style of play fit me quite nicely. Although Covid has kept me stagnant off the court, I’ve took the time to learn about the history. Growing up in the church, the Holy Land has great significance in my roots. Hopefully by March, the country will open up and I’ll be able to visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other beautiful cities.

Jehyve is a professional basketball player and writer. 

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